Crystal Gifts

Crystal Gifts

Crystal Gifts – a Christmas Gift Your Employees Will Never Forget

3 Reasons Why You Should Give Your Employees Crystal Gifts this Year – and What Gifts to Give

As we get older, the gifts we give and receive seem to change as we do. We no longer wish for iPads or video game systems, and grow more to expect ties, socks, and family pictures. There’s nothing wrong with any of those, but the art of gift giving can easily become more of a routine obligation than a thoughtful act.

This is especially true in business organizations. Now, upper management is not required to give any gifts at all to their employees, but the gesture can go a long way if done right. “Done right” does not mean a subscription to the “jelly of the month club.” So, what can you give our employees that breaks the traditional mold of office gifts? Well, this might surprise you:  Crystal.

Crystal gifts are the perfect gift to give your employees this year for a number of reasons. Let’s look at a few.

  1. Crystal is associated with elegance, class, and worth

Have you ever received an award for recognition at your job? More often than not, those awards are made of glass or crystal, and they send a particular message to the recipient. That message? “You are valued.” When we see crystal, it speaks to us of elegance, class, and worth. It’s a higher class than a framed certificate, or a plaque. Mentally, we place crystal in the same class as gemstones, like diamonds. It speaks of value through and through.

Crystal gifts send the same message to your employees. It shows you value them highly. It lets them know you think they deserve the best.

  1. Weight is associated with higher value

Hold a crystal gift and the first thing you’ll notice after the stunning clarity is the weight. Crystal is heavier than glass. That weight difference carries with it an association with a higher value. This is part of the reason gold is considered valuable. It is literally valued by its weight. Give someone a high-value gift and they will feel valued as well.

  1. Crystal is memorable

When you give your employee a crystal gift, especially one they can display on their desk or on a shelf, they will do just that – display it. A tie will be hung up in a closet and likely forgotten. Socks will be stuffed away in a drawer. Subscriptions will run out. Bonuses will be spent. But crystal will last forever. It becomes a conversation piece. It becomes a reminder of the thought behind the gift. It is the type of gift that keeps on giving.

What kinds of Crystal Gifts Can I Give?

There are several different crystal gifts you can give, each of which will make a splash. Let’s look at a few.


Name Plates

What better way for your employees to show off their gift year-round than with a name plate? A crystal or glass name plate is a personalized way to show your appreciation around Christmas, or any time of year, for that matter. It’s an amazing gift to give because it’s perfectly unique to only the person receiving it. Everyone loves receiving gifts that are one-of-a-kind.

Time Pieces

Clocks will never go out of style. A great option for a crystal gift is a time piece. Remind your employees of the gift you gave and the thought behind it every time they look at their clock gift. You can even personalize it to have an encouraging message or their name to make it even more personal.

Desk Accessories

Crystal letter openers, glass pen holders, paperweights, bookends, and letter holders are just a few of the many crystal and glass desk accessories you can give as gifts. These are great gifts because they belong on a desk top and are constant reminders of your thoughtfulness toward your employees.

So, break out of the norm this year and give a gift that will last forever and be remembered. Make this Christmas one your employees will never forget.

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