The 5 Most Convincing Reasons Why You Should Give Awards to Your Employees

Employee recognition is an important part of sustaining success in an organization. People don’t just work for money. They also work for fulfillment and for community. People want to know that their hard work is paying off, not just in their bank accounts, but socially as well. Any great organization is much more than a place of employment. It is a culture. It is a place of belonging and contributing.

As you build your company with this in mind, you will need a consistent way of recognizing those who are excelling at their work and who exemplify your company’s values. You also need to celebrate loyalty. This is the surface reason of why you should give awards to your employees. They did a good job and need to be recognized for it.

But a lot more happens when you recognize hard work and longevity. If you do it right, the impact creates a ripple effect that affects not just the bottom line, but the strength of your company’s culture and the overall happiness of your employees.

Here are five convincing reasons why you should give awards, and not just money or gifts, to your employees.


  1. It acknowledges high performers and thereby encourages aspiration in others

Perhaps the most obvious reason to give awards to your employees is to recognize top performers. By doing this, you not only show your appreciation for the hard work and results put in by your best people, you also encourage other employees to take their work to the next level.

When you take time to give awards and acknowledge people in your company, it lets everyone know you are paying attention. Many times, it can feel like hard work goes unnoticed in the day-to-day grind. Taking time to put the spotlight on your best workers encourages others to aspire toward the same thing. Overall quality and output will increase if you make this a regular occurrence.


  1. It helps create and grow a positive company culture

Giving awards creates a unique and surprising opportunity to positively grow your company’s culture. The opportunity is not just in showing you appreciate hard work. When you give an award to an employee you have the opportunity to acknowledge your company’s history and founding. After all, when someone reaches a goal or milestone, they are ultimately helping to grow the original vision of the company. This is your chance to educate your employees, especially new people, about your company’s founding and values. The overall effect is a solidifying of your culture and a sense of belonging bestowed to you employees.


  1. It makes people want to work for you

Nowadays, people look for much more than good pay when considering an employment opportunity. This is especially true for more experienced and successful job-seekers. While money is often an incentive to get people on board, it is not always enough to keep good people around, especially when there is high demand for their talent.

When you regularly recognize performance, hard work, and loyalty, it creates an environment that encourages people to invest emotionally. They want to not just work for you, but to have a sense of “home” with your company. They will want to grow the vision. They will encourage others and build a family, not just a group of co-workers. When people know you acknowledge the effort they are putting forth and the growth they are personally experiencing, it creates a bond of loyalty. Give awards and spotlight individuals and groups and you’ll connect on a deeper level.


  1. It shows your employees that you genuinely care about them

All of this combines to show your employees that you, as leadership, genuinely care about them. Often, employees can feel like there is a barrier between the leaders in the company and themselves. If you take time to recognize and reward hard work and uncommon effort, your employees will see you as, not just a manager of a department or company, but a true leader. Giving awards also has a positive effect on the leader. It creates an environment where the leaders must truly invest in understanding the effort, time, and care that employees are putting into their work. This makes the leaders better and more conscientious on a daily basis.


  1. It is remembered much more than money or gifts

It is important that this article is about giving awards to your employees as apposed to other incentives like money or gifts. While money can definitely incentivize people to reach a goal or perform better, that money will get spent with little to no memory of why it was given. It has little lasting value as a positive memory for the employee. The same applies to gifts. Over time that gift will be incorporated as part of normal life and lose its value as an award.

A custom award for an employee is unique, personal, and can’t be purchased by the employee in a store. It is something the employee can look at for years and remember why it was given. It creates a lasting, repeatable, positive memory that creates a positive working environment.

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